Training – Parent Candidate Training

In compliance with NM State Licensing and Certification Standards, La Familia-Namaste requires 40 hours of pre-licensing training for treatment foster parent candidates.

Training includes the history of Treatment Foster Care, grief and loss, working with families of origin, La Familia-Namaste's treatment philosophy, managing and de-escalating aggressive behaviors, crisis intervention, child and adolescent development, behavior management, passive physical restraint, signs and symptoms of sexual abuse, side-effects of psychotropic medication, and working as an effective member of a clinical team.

Training – Continuing Education

La Familia-Namaste Incorporated is committed to providing on-going support and training to treatment foster parent. Competency-based training is provided through the Training Collaborative, as well as through La Familia-Namaste's training department. The competency based training is focused on professional relationship development, clinical development, and personal development.

Training – Treatment Foster Care Training FAQs

Does everyone living in my home need to complete the pre-licensing training in order to qualify for treatment parent licensing?
All adults living in a home must complete the treatment foster parent licensing process, including the 40-hour pre-licensing training.
What is the age requirement for treatment foster parent candidates?
In order to be considered for treatment parent candidacy, adults must be at least 25 years old. Exceptions can be made if an individual has extensive experience working with severely emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children or youth.
Am I required to repeat the 40 hours of pre-licensing training if I am transferring my license from another agency?
Yes, all candidates must complete La Familia-Namaste's pre-licensing training.