Training – Exploring Transracial Adoption

If you are interested in transracial adoption, before you make your final decision, we highly recommend you view our training modules by clicking the START button below.
The modules, which are listed separately in the sidebar on the Exploring Transracial Adoption page, are arranged in logical order, but you may view them in any order you wish. Wherever you choose to start, you will be led through the modules that follow, in order.

Each module should take from 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

Please note that much of the training includes video clips, which may take a little time to load on slower internet connections.

Thank you for visiting our website and please enjoy your training! After you are done, please look around for more great resources here at La Familia-Namaste!
Transracial Adoption - Introduction

Training – Individual Consultation and Training

La Familia-Namaste is highly committed to maintaining children and youth in homes in our community.

La Familia-Namaste offers individual training and consultation to adoptive parents in order to support families and the adoptive child(ren) placed in their home.

For more information, contact La Familia-Namaste's training department.