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Top Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom Shower

Top Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom Shower

Shower remodeling can be one of the most time consuming, and expensive projects homeowners can undertake. Remodeling a shower is also one of the best ways to enhance the value of your house. People having outdated designs of showers should upgrade them before selling their homes.

Spending some time and money on your shower and other areas can increase the value of our home multiple times. Also, people who want to remodel their bathrooms can enjoy the comfort and appeal by spending a few hundred dollars on the same.

When it comes to remodeling a shower, there are plenty of options that people can use. If you consult a home interior designer, they can bombard you will number of expensive options, but you need to consider your budget and requirements before selecting any of them.

So let us find out some budget-friendly ways to remodel a bathroom shower that every homeowner can use in their house.

Replace the accessories

Replace the accessories

Accessories are the most essential elements in your shower. When you enter your bathroom, it is the tiles and fixtures that catch your attention. But it is necessary to replace the accessories and fittings before replacing the tiles. If you consider doing the opposite, you will need to break the tiles to install the fixtures.

Choose some stylish accessories like showerheads, faucets, shower taps, bath taps, soap holders, and pipe fittings. Most contemporary accessories come in chrome finish and elegant designs. Chrome finish is the best as its trend is not going to finish in the future and you don’t need to renovate soon.

Replace the tiles

Tiles are another critical element that can make your shower look highly appealing. As they cover the walls and floor of your bathroom, they are a significant part of the interior design. If you search on the online and offline stores, you can find plenty of colors and designs.

Choose a design that suits your bathroom. Also, consider the total cost of tiles and their installation as contemporary designs can be expensive and can imbalance your budget.

Paint and wallpaper

There are other inexpensive alternatives to tiles for people who don’t want to spend high on wall tiles. You can consider mildew resistant paint, reclaimed panels, and accent wallpapers for your walls.

However, if you like the visual appeal of ceramic tiles and don’t want to spend high on them, install them on the accent wall with highlighter tiles and paint other walls.

Mildew resistant paint is better than wallpapers as wallpaper can get worn due to moisture. Moreover, you can have more options of shades while selecting paint as compared to wallpapers.

Leave those vintage finishes

The vintage style elements and finishes look outdated and don’t appear contemporary to the guests.  Unless you are a big fan of those vintage tiles and fittings, it is best to replace them with some modern designs and accessories.

Replacing the vintage style accessories and tiles with some modern designs and fittings can offer a new look to your shower. You can feel a new experience as soon as you enter your bathroom.


A shower head is the most essential accessory in a bathroom, and contemporary design can grab the attention of any person. Forget those outdated round heads and switch to some modern designs. There are a variety of shower heads available in many online and offline stores.

Wall mount – They are the most common types of shower heads. Homeowners looking for a cost-effective and low maintenance option can consider installing a wall mount shower head in their bathroom. Wall mount shower heads come with multiple spray options, and you can choose any one that comforts you for a relaxing bath. However, as the name suggests they are fixed in a wall and can be inconvenient for the family members who prefer movable shower heads.

Handheld – Some people like movable shower heads attached to a hose. Also, known as handheld showerheads, they are highly convenient to use. Unlike other types that are fixed, they are easy to clean and replace when required.

Body spray–If you want a shower that sprays the water directly on your body, you can install a body spray showerhead. The multiple shower heads can spray the water in different directions. Body spray shower heads are customizable, and you can set the spray directions as you want them.

Rain heads – Rain shower heads are similar to the body spray units except for the difference; they are installed overhead and spray the water downwards like rain. They can offer you a calm and relaxing shower after a day of work and stress. However, they are not suitable for small bathrooms as they are larger than standard showerheads and require ample space for installation.

Lighting in your shower

Lighting in your shower

The lighting in your shower affects its visual appeal significantly. There are many options for lighting in a shower cabin based on colors and types of lights. You can consider using hanging lights, ceiling lights, automatic lights, and accent lights in your shower.

It is better to avoid the hanging lights as they suspend over your head and can interfere with the accessories and users while using the shower. There are a variety of accent lights available online and offline. Get some beautiful designs of accent lights to enhance the beauty of your shower.

Automatic lights are those lights that come with sensors and turns on automatically when you enter the shower cabin. They have motion sensors that sense the motion of anyone who enters or leaves the cabin.

Shower lights come in a variety of designs, and you can choose any type that you want for your bathroom. Make sure you use the right rating of lights to create the right amount of brightness you want in your shower, neither less nor more.

However, you need to take care that the lights you install should be specially designed for use in wet conditions. You can use any lights in the rest of the bathroom, but only waterproof and moisture resistant lights in the shower cabin.


Privacy is an important factor for the shower cabin, and curtains play a vital role in offering privacy to users. If you have the glass walls, you can install curtains for privacy. Some homeowners don’t have a shower cabin, and the shower is installed directly in the bathroom. So they can install curtains to create private shower cabin without the need for walls.

For example, there are round curtain holders that can create a circular cabin of curtains around the shower. You can also opt for semi-circular, square, or rectangular holders to create the same shapes of shower cabins with curtains only.

There are a variety of curtain designs for shower cabins such as designer curtains, plain curtains, and tissue curtains that are translucent but offer you the privacy you need. All the curtains for shower cabins are made of water-resistant fabric and don’t get damaged due to moisture.

Frosted Window Decals

If you have glass walls in your shower cabin, you can use frosted window decals for privacy. They are ideal for use on glass walls to offer you complete privacy. To make it more appealing, you can use designer decals to improve the visual appeal of your shower. They are available in a vast variety of designs and opacity.

You can select translucent, or completely opaque decal films as per your requirements. If you have small kids, you can choose the decals with the pictures of their favorite cartoon characters. People who don’t want the designs can get the plain decal film that is also a cost-effective option.

Interior shutters

The interior shutters are another set of elements that offers you privacy in your shower cabin. These shutters allow the partial entry of light into the cabin. So you can enjoy using the shower in natural light with privacy, without the need for electric lights.

As the environment in shower cabins is usually moist, it is best to use plastic or vinyl shutters instead of wooden units. The interior shutters work best with the glass windows not flush with the bathroom walls. You can order customized screens for your shower cabin according to the size of the cabin.


Shower doors are usually available in glass material and aluminum frames. There is a wide range of glass doors available in stores. You can install the alcove doors, corner doors, and bathtub shower doors depending on how your shower cabin is built. The shower doors are available with different opening mechanisms such as sliding doors, fixed doors, pivot, and hinged shower doors.

Other varieties of shower door include frameless doors, frameless sliding doors, semi-frameless, steel frame, and curved shower doors.


Flooring is as important as the walls and other elements in your shower. Although the shower is a small area in a bathroom, it is important to remodel the floor as well. Homeowners have a variety of options for shower flooring. There are ceramic floor tiles, vinyl flooring, marble, pebbles, mosaic, acrylic, and epoxy floors that homeowners can install in their shower cabins.

Marble – Marble can add an extra element of luxury to your shower. However, it is more expensive than other types of flooring materials. As it is porous, it can be stained or damaged by cosmetic products and cleansers. However, colorful marbles can enhance the visual appeal of your shower.

Cedarwood – Wooden flooring may not be your idea for a shower, but cedar wood, teak, and redwood can hold moisture and humidity due to their internal biological structure. Moreover, the sealing techniques used during installation to prevent water and moisture from entering into them.

Pebbles – The natural stones in flooring can bring the outside in your shower and also prevents you from slipping. They add a natural element and texture to the shower flooring. Some people think that cleaning would be difficult, but if installed accurately, cleaning would not be a problem if you use proper tools.

Porcelain – If you want a versatile option for shower flooring, then porcelain can be the best choice. Porcelain is highly durable and water-resistant and ideal for extensive use. However, it gets slippery with water, so it is best to use textured porcelain in the shower.

Ceramic tiles –When it comes to patterns and versatility, nothing is better than ceramic tiles for shower flooring. You can use plain tiles, patterned tiles, and textured tiles to decorate the floor of your bathing area.

Storage space

The storage shelves in a shower are not only for storage, but they can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your shower. From hanging shower caddy to lean ladder storage, there are plenty of ideas you can use for storage.

Install a hanging shower caddy under the shower head or on any wall to make storage. A copper version would look sleek even in low space showers. You can install a soap dish if your shower is too short on space.

As the shower cabins are usually small, installing a multipurpose toiletries holder is a great idea to save space. It can hold your soap, shampoo, toothpaste, razor, and jewelry in different pockets.

You can also install a two or three-tier shelf to make the most of your shower storage space. Multiples shelves don’t need to be large, but they can hold all your items in the shower without taking a large space.

Final Words

Remodeling your shower is easier than you think. All you need is to define your requirements and install the elements that are essential and can enhance the appeal of your shower. The ideas in this post are sure to help homeowners to improve the aesthetics and value of their shower as well as homes.