Avocado vs. Plushbed vs. Zenhaven Mattresses

Avocado vs. Plushbed vs. Zenhaven Mattresses

Buying a mattress is one of the most important things when it comes to your bed. Remember that we spend more than 8 hours in our beds daily. For this reason, there is a need to select the best mattress in the market. The only challenge is that mattresses will come with a variety of options, based on the making materials, size, and brand. Thus, it turns out challenging for the buyer to select the best.

In this article, we shall discuss three significant eco-friendly mattresses that buyers can consider taking from the market. These are; the Avocado, Plushbed and Zenhaven mattresses. We shall compare the making, and make a conclusive summary of which one is better than the other. Therefore, consider reading throughout the whole text, for a chance to grasp a better understanding.

Number of comfort layers

Zenhaven mattress type will include two luxury layers. It features different firmness levels on both sides of the mattress. The avocado type has only a single comfort layer, which is gentle in firmness. Manufacturers recommend that users who want softer feel can add a pillow top on the Avocado mattress. However, this will cost extra cash.

Plushbeds will come with different approaches. Most of the cushions will come with either a single or double layers. The foam feels latex-like, but the material used in the making might be different.

Differences in the construction

The construction of the Zenhaven mattresses features 100% Talalay latex making. The latex is, however natural and organic, making the bed eco-friendly. Using these mattresses gives the user the benefits of natural latex. For the Avocado mattresses, they’re hybrid. However, they carry with them a vegan choice for the buyers.

Avocado mattresses include layers of coils and foams. That is 8″ coil and 3″ latex layer. Also, the customer can pick on avocado mattresses that have an additional 2″ layer of latex. The good thing here is, the latex is 100% “GOLS organic latex Certified.” It also features a 100% GOTS Organic wool certification.

With Plushbeds, they can also include a 100% natural latex making. Mostly, such designs will consist of Talalay latex. The latex is natural and from the rubber tree without the addition of chemicals.

Which mattress fits you better?

The Zenhaven mattress fits better for the following groups of individuals;

  •       Those who are fans of the latex foam feel. That is, very responsive and soft.
  •       Individuals who are looking for flappable beds.
  •       Sleepers who are looking forward to buying a natural bed or an organic mattress.
  •       Also, it’s suitable for combo, stomach and back sleepers for its softness and lastly
  •       It’s ideal for sleepers who are average in body size.

For the avocado brand, it suits individuals who fit in any of the following groups,

  •       People who sleep on their back, stomach, or the combo sleepers.
  •       Also, it suits people of all sizes and shapes.
  •       It’s suitable for sleepers looking for the coil beds,
  •       Also ideal for sleepers who tend to take a nap on their warm side, and lastly,
  •       The mattress works well for eco-conscious individuals.

For the Plushbeds mattresses, they are suitable for individuals who fall in any of the following categories;

  •       Individuals looking for a soft feel in their sleep,
  •       Also ideal for sleepers who have allergic conditions since the mattress are highly breathable.
  •       It’s suitable for sleepers who take any sleeping position, a characteristic that gives this type credit over the other beds.

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Which Mattresses allow the use of an adjustable base?

For both Plushbeds and Zenhaven, they feature latex foam making. That makes them easy to use with an adjustable base. Also, the Avocado brand is compatible for use with a flexible bottom. The difference occurs when making the purchase. Some, an example of the Zenhaven mattress will come with a Lineal adjustable base. Others such as the Avocado will not include this option.

That’s what makes them different. Note that, the flexible support will carry with it an additional cost. Therefore, the decision to include one rests on the buyer’s budget.

The type of latex used in these mattresses

Both Zenhaven and Plushbeds will use Talalay latex. On the other hand, the Avocado brand will use Dunlop latex. The difference in the two latex making processes is that, in Dunlop, there is minimal processing of the rubber tree sap. As a result, most of the natural sediments compiles at the bottom layer of the foam. That makes the Dunlop foam mattresses heavier and denser.

For the Talalay foams, the deposits get an even distribution throughout the foam. The flash-freezing process then stabilizes the latex molecules before the baking process. What results is softer and lighter foam. Also, the foam is more resilient and breathable.

Tips: to know more about the differences between Talalay and Dunlop, check this post.

The Cover

All of the three mattress cover types features organic materials. The covers are 100% organic cotton. For the Plushbeds will function 100% cotton making, with a wool layer under the fabric. These covers are durable, soft, and breathable. It’s good to note that cotton is also resistant and hypoallergenic to mites and specks of dust. For these reasons, these covers suit the best people who suffer allergic conditions. For some, such as Zenhaven cotton covers, there is an additional botanical antimicrobial treatment. Thus, these covers can fight against bacterial growth and therefore increase the life of the material.

After how long do you start using the mattresses?

For both Plushbeds and Zenhaven, you can start using the mattress immediately after the delivery. It’s so since the two types don’t get compressed during the delivery. However, for the Avocado brand, it comes in a box. Therefore, one needs to give it time to inflate. It can take up to thirty minutes after unpacking for you to sleep on it comfortably.

Difference in pricing

The Plushbeds are the most expensive of the three brands. They go at a price ranging between $1, 499 and $2, 599. Zenhaven follows with pay ranging between $1, 299 and $ 2, 499. For those running on a budget, the Avocado brand will suit them better. They go at a price ranging from $ 999 to $1, 699.

Final Verdict

Now you know better about these three types of eco-friendly mattresses. The differences are more into the making, but all the three brands will meet users’ needs. Therefore, I hope that you find it useful in reading this article.

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