Treatment Foster
Care Program
Jennifer Minarsich-Noble, LPCC
Treatment Foster Care is an amazing community based program focusing on the treatment and care of children who have experienced significant loss and trauma. The children have grief and loss issues related to being separated from their families. Many of our children have lived in multiple homes prior to coming into our program. We provide therapeutic foster care for children ages 2 to 18. We recruit, train and license families who are committed to caring for these children in their homes. These families are expected to provide safety and well-being in a therapeutic parenting model for the children. La Familia-Namaste staff provides professional support and technical assistance to the TFC families. The clinical team ensures the safety and therapeutic oversight of the children. The family of origin is brought into the process as appropriate. Sometimes the work is done with adoptive families.

In 2014, the Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program placed 30 new children into our TFC homes and 34 were discharged during the year. Of the 34 children discharged, 18 were reunited with their families and 7 were adopted into new families. Some of our children leave the program to go back into regular State Foster Care and some children discharge into other treatment settings.

TFC has been building relationships with our partners at the University of New Mexico. We have a fantastic collaboration with the Occupational Therapy Program. Heidi Sanders, MA OTR/L has been an amazing asset to our clinical team. We work with Heidi and her OT students to incorporate sensory and OT work into our attachment program. We have offered many groups and trainings statewide to our families, kids and staff with the support of Heidi and her team.
The Albuquerque TFC team, in conjunction with the UNM graduate OT program is planning to roll out our pilot summer program in the summer of 2015. We are creating a unique “Sensory Summer Camp” for the children in our greater Albuquerque area. We will offer a couple days a week intensive program for our TFC children who are unable to experience the “regular” camp activities that non-TFC children get to experience. We are so excited and look forward to this great adventure.

The Treatment Foster Care Clinical/Licensed staff went to a weeklong intensive training with one of the great attachment experts in our field, Dan Hughes in September 2014. The Dan Hughes model of DDP informs our philosophy and model of treatment. This training is part of our on-going commitment to provide cohesive trauma informed care to our TFC population.

Let us know if you want to give your time, money, or expertise to our kids this summer.

Ongoing campaigns for the program include luggage and/or duffle bags, school supplies, shoe gift cards, clothing, blankets and quilts for children and special activity funding for kids.

The TFC program would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all of the generous businesses and people in our communities across the State who have supported our children and families in 2014. We truly appreciate all of the kindness. We want to recognize the value of our Treatment Foster Care families for all of their dedication, strength and love given to the children that come through their doors. I want to also acknowledge the amazing TFC staff for their endless commitment to their work, to the children and to the families that we serve. You all make a difference in the lives of children every day!
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