Beverly Nomberg

President and CEO
As we look back on 2014 we see a year that has brought many changes both to New Mexico and to La Familia-Namaste. In the midst of change however, La Familia-Namaste continued the journey of consolidating and strengthening our services around the state. At our 2014 Strategic Planning meeting of the Board and Management Team we reaffirmed our Mission of: “Empowering Children and Families to Build Positive and Lasting Relationships” and our Vision to: “Be the Best Trauma Informed Treatment Program in New Mexico.” Our strategic goals continued to focus on 1) securing financial stability; 2) technology updates; 3) staff retention and 4) the implementation of trauma informed treatment throughout the agency. As part of our Risk Assessment and Performance Quality Improvement processes, we continually access and monitor our incidents, accidents and grievances in all programs and in all of our offices. The data generated helps to inform the development and improvement of our services to families and children. Client and staff satisfaction surveys are also done annually to help direct the improvement of our services.

Our goal of securing financial stability for the entire agency resulted in the Board once again examining our out-patient services program. As a result, we closed our offices in Gallup and Tome and reduced outpatient services in Albuquerque to only Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Post-Adoption Clinical Therapy.

The NM Medicaid system changed radically in January of 2014. With the change to Centennial Care we found that staff retention was even more of a challenge. It was a difficult time for all the behavioral health providers in New Mexico.

The adoption program expanded through a contract with CYFD to provide Home Study Services for the entire state of New Mexico. Please check out the FIESTA website at: to locate post adoption support services near you.

Several changes occurred in 2014 in the composition of our Board of Directors. With the merger, our Board grew to 19 members. Linda Pope, the Namaste Board President, retired and moved to Oregon. A goodbye luncheon at the Standard Diner was held in her honor. Tasha Teskey and Roxroy Reid also retired from the
  Board. Ismael “Andy” Dieppa, the Chair of our Building Committee, and a Pioneer in Social Work Education retired to be able to travel more and to write a book. A luncheon was held in his honor at the Artichoke Café. In addition, both Linda Lyle and Keith Phillipi retired from the Board and were honored at the 2014 Annual Meeting at the Egg & I. Both Linda and Keith continue as wonderful assets to our agency, serving our kids in other ways. We genuinely thank each and every one of them for their support and service to La Familia-Namaste.

With the purchase of equipment for our Training Room financed with Capital Outlay Funds allocated by our State Legislators, we moved ahead with the implementation of a new computer system. Bernalillo County served as our fiscal agent for the purchase of the equipment. The Yucca Group was chosen to implement a new virtual server system that will allow remote access by all staff. We also chose EMR-Bear as our provider of a behavioral health electronic medical record system. Planning for the roll-out of the EMR began in 2014. La Familia-Namaste has been accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) since 1997. In the last quarter of 2014 we began the process of reaccreditation which will be achieved in 2015.

We have continued to move forward with the implementation of Trauma Informed Treatment in all of our programs. In September 2014, we were able to send 8 of our staff for training with Dan Hughes on his Attachment Focused Treatment for Childhood Trauma and Abuse program. The staff of Treatment Foster Care is implementing trauma informed treatment and, through a therapeutic parenting program, the Adoption staff is doing their part to help adoptive families.

We’re challenged every day in making both our Mission and our Vision a reality. We continue to be indebted to our many donors, community partners, treatment foster parents, staff and board as we continue on the path of helping La Familia-Namaste accomplish its mission. It is a journey begun in 1988. We continue to be inspired by the strength and resiliency of the children and families we serve. Their safety, permanency and well-being are the ultimate goals. Please join us as we continue this journey while striving to keep children safe and in a loving family. I am very proud to present the Annual Report of 2014 for La Familia-Namaste.
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